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New Mexico Powwows
(Your number one source for powwow related information in the state of New Mexico)
Wright Shawls
(Authentic handmade Native American crafted powwow dance shawls)
Native Art Gift Shop
(T-Shirts, Beaded Baseball Caps, Mouse Pads, Prints, Native & American Cook Book & More)
Drums 4U Powwow Drums
(Drums resources)
Bear's Byte
(A great variety of Native American resources and information)
Powwow Power
(All about powwows;powwow calendar, free powwow listings, powwow history & etiquette, Powwow Power T-Shirts) )
Native Expressions
(Native American art masks, Southwest gourd and clay masks, serigraphs, shields, mousepads, puzzles, t-shirts, photography)
Native Languages of the Americas
(Native Languages of the Americas : Preserving and promoting American Indian languages )
Indian Princess Organization
(Dedicated to helping single mothers, fathers & children in need one deed at a time )
Powwow Cruise
(Powwow on a cruise ship while at sea. Native dancers and entertainers dance and perform on both East and West Coast Pow Wow Cruises )
In Tlanextli Tlacopan
(Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers from Mexico City)
Tloke Nahuake
(a traditional family of Aztec Dancers from Mexico City who are dedicated to preserving their culture)
Steve and Macile Reevis Tribal Traditions
(handpainted clothing, beadwork, handcarved bone )
Micki and Brit Free's Cherokee Free's
(Native American and Western Collectibles)
Amado Pena's Art Gallery
(paintings, drawings, limited edition prints)
Stanford Powwow
(Stanford American Indian Organization)
De Anza Powwow
(American Indian Studies Department)
(Native American Community, email, powwow listings, message boards, search)
Native Web
(Excellent resources for indigenous cultures around the world)
(native made arts & crafts, native related links)
Gathering of Nations
(Gathering of Nations Powwow, Miss Indian World Traditional Talent Presentations, & Indian Traders Market)
(powwow calendar, drum database, chat room, children's page, much more)
Santa Cruz Ethnic Arts Network
(nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting ethnic arts & artists, especially those native to the cultures they represent)
The Seventh Fire
(find the tools that help you discover your own natural heritage of wisdom and power in all areas of life: art and education, health and nutrition, home and garden, science and spirituality, business and play, politics and society, relationships, and especially laughter.)
Tachini Drums
The largest selection of Native American drums online!
100% owned and operated by Salish people of the Flathead Indian Reservation.)

(Native American information site;created for the main purpose of educating people to the beauty & creativity of the Native American Peoples-- articles, comments, observations, stories, featured artists & photographers websites, links to powwows and to all kinds of things Native American.)
Southwest Iron Crafts
(Rugged western style metal bookends, metal statues, metal bookends, metal sheves and metal yard ornaments.)
Tribe Azure Jewelry & Art
(Innovative Native American Jewelry by Ron Henry, Navajo Designer and Contemporary Art by Various Artists.)
Southwest Cuisine
(Your link to the Southwest, Free Southwest Style Recipes, Botanical Art Prints, Southwest style Gifts, Hot links & Botanical Remedies.)
Say No The Indian Way
(Richard Lunging Bear, a Renape Powhatan, presents an anti drug & alcohol message program that he takes to Powwows, Camp Grounds, Schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts events and many other types of events. The presentation is done in an Indian way. He is a storyteller and sacred dancer.)
Cheryl's Custom Made Roaches
(Native American porcupine & deer hair roaches made with tender loving care, good prices & good quality.)
Swallowtail Gallery
(Native American Furniture, Pottery, Jewelry, Beadwork, Drums, Dolls, Textiles, Art, Masks, Books, Fetishes, Music and Home Decor.)
Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan
(Aboriginal arts and crafts produced by Saskatchewan's Aboriginal people including a wide range of media, from sculpture to moccasins. All artists are from the province of Saskatchewan.)
Native American Art and Collectables
(A unique array of Indian gifts, collectibles, decorated leather goods, willow dreamcatchers, beaded pipe-hawks, lances, walking sticks, Native American pictures, American Indian weapons, knives, buffalo horn & hair pipe chokers, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, antler jewelry, dreamcatcher earrings & carved bone items created in the tradition of the mighty Sioux.)
Crazy Crow Trading Post
(Crazy Crow Trading Post is the largest supplier of Native American Indian and American Mountain Man crafts, craft supplies and craft kits in the world! Since 1970, Crazy Crow has grown from a single table at a powwow, to a modern 31,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse complex. )
The Great Trading Path
(Native American fine arts, crafts, jewelry & links, source documents focusing on the history of the Upper South Virgina Siouan in particular.)
Global Discount Native American Products
(Native American home decor, Western decor, Southwest decor, tribal design eagles, and end of the trail figurines, and much more.)
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